Work in Race Equity

In response to representational gaps we perceive among civic institutions and social change communities in Vancouver and beyond, we’re launching a new project to advance race equity.

We believe race equity means:

Through hua foundation’s Race Equity Project, we will develop programming, educational materials, and policy recommendations that will better address the barriers and challenges faced by racialized groups from fully participating in civic and community work. The project will consist of a series of facilitated workshops, community events, multimedia resources, and research papers that will examine how race impacts young people’s lived experiences and their engagement with civic, community, and creative work.

We approach the Race Equity Project from the perspective of working alongside youth in a spirit of co-creation and empowered inclusion. The project aims to foster participants’ leadership potential, leadership skills, and self-confidence through connecting them with meaningful explorations of race and identity.

Race Equity Youth Workshops

Unpacking White Privilege Workshops

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