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Students Explore Cultural Food Assets in Vancouver’s Chinatown

Our collaboration with Emily Carr University enabled students to apply research data from the Vancouver Chinatown Food Security Report into exploring solutions to address real urban issues.
An group photo of Emily Carr University's Industrial Design class.

Students were asked to think about how the visual design, service design, and eating experience could connect participants with the history of their particular food asset, and how they could capture the spirit of Chinatown. The project had to reference Chinatown’s past, but also be shaped to move these food assets into the future.

Based on their research, students then designed a physical space that envisioned storefronts that included a street-food style window that would fit within the context of the store. The aim was to be more inviting to new residents. The food items served also had to convey a story of origin and connect to the food story of Chinatown and Vancouver. The final project deliverables included scale models of the window design, as well as prototypes of food packaging.

a close up image of the scale model for a Cantonese BBQ shop in Vancouver's Chinatown
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