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Shark Fin Alternatives


Shark Fin Alternatives

Chinese cuisine is known for its diversity in cuisine and there are thousands of soups that can easily replace shark fin. Here are some delicious and more sustainable options.
Create your own special soup

Ask your vendor, restaurant, caterer or chef to come up with a soup that represents you as the host. Use creative ingredients that showcase your personality and values. Some hosts choose goji berries as the star of their soup to represent colour or fertility. Others use ginger to symbolize heat and spice in a relationship. There are great resources to ensure that your ingredients are environmentally friendly. Get creative!

Use a Sans Fin Soup Recipe

To find fin free and delicious alternatives to serve, we held the Sans Fin Soup Contest where chefs participated in a cooking showdown. The seven finalist chefs conjured up these soups and accompanying appetizers, all while using fully sustainable and ocean-friendly ingredients.

Contact us for these recipes

  • Abalone and Crab Soup & Fried Scallop Terrine
    鮑魚蟹肉湯、炸干貝捲 | Recipe by Edmund Yee – P2B Bistro & Bar, Sans Fin Soup Star 無翅良品之星
  • Ginger Duck Soup & Pan Seared BC Shrimp & Crab Cake
    薑鴨湯 & 炒BC蝦 & 蟹餅 | Recipe by Tom Lee – Edible Canada at the Market, People’s Choice Soup 最高人氣湯品
  • Sans Fin Soup & Seafood Sampler
    無翅湯 & 海鮮拼盤 | Recipe by William Tse – Sandbar, Harry’s Favourite 哈利的最愛
  • Faux Sharks Fin Bisque & Geoduck Combination Platter
    仿魚翅濃湯 & 象拔蚌拼盤 | Recipe by Todd Bright – Wild Rice
  • Shark’s Fin Melon Cannellini Beans Soup & Chilled Tofu
    魚翅瓜意大利白豆湯 & 凍豆腐 | Recipe by Ben Lai 黎健斌
  • Triple Chicken Ham Stock Consommé & Drunken Chicken Rillette
    三味雞肉火腿清湯 & 醉雞肉醬 | Recipe by Montgomery Lau – Westin Wall Centre
  • Golden Bridge Soup & Smoked Vegetarian Goose
    喜鵲度金橋燉湯 & 素齋鵝 | Recipe by John Mok 莫同進

Faux shark fin

If you are really keen on serving the traditional soup base that comes with shark fin, ask your chef to use faux shark fin, which is readily available and usually made with gelatin. We encourage you to explicitly tell your guests that you are using imitation shark fin to promote shark conservation.

Remember, shark fin doesn’t add any flavour to the soup. The flavour actually comes from the chef’s broth.
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