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Traditional Chinese Red Envelopes (Environmentally Friendly)

Starting at $5 CAD

History & Why We Made This

Also called 紅包 (m: hóng bāo; c: gung baau; translation: Red Pockets), these envelopes are used to package cash gifts on holidays, celebrations, or Lunar New Year. During special occasions like the Lunar New Year, the colour red is expected to fend off evil and bestow happiness and blessings on the receivers for the entire year.


These red pockets are bundled in 3 and 5 envelope sets but if you would like different amounts, please contact us for a custom quote.

Thinking of branded red pockets that are eco-friendly? We’ll be happy to help with custom print request! Please contact hua for more information.

Materials and Care

The resistant material and self-enclosing design extends the life of the envelope for reuse. This product does not use glue and gold foil, which makes it 100% recyclable. Made and produced in Vancouver.

Product Size


Length: 16.5 cm | Width: 8.5 cm | Weight: 3 grams

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