Engagement Services

As an organization working in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, we understand how important community voices are in molding the future of this place we call home.

We take a culturally respectful, meaningful, and multilingual approach to designing and delivering engagement processes so people are and feel heard in issues that can impact them. Our services include consulting on engagement strategy, design, and delivery for a range of different audiences.

Business Engagement

We believe engaging with business in Chinatown takes a relationship-based and multilingual approach. Hua foundation has worked at sustaining our local businesses, and we embody this approach in reaching and including their voices in projects with social and economic impacts.

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Youth Engagement

Hua foundation centres our work around youth empowerment. As youth working, living, growing, and playing in Vancouver’s Chinatown, we pave our own pathways with the knowledge and traditions we have learned from our ancestors. We take this empowerment-based approach to engaging youth. We reach them through our vast network, and we respect their time, thoughtfulness, and expertise as we would anyone else.

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Community Engagement

We get to witness the sights and sounds in Vancouver’s Chinatown every day, from the vibrancy of the busy streets to our interactions with business owners. This community lives and breathes with its own nuances and dynamics, and we bring this understanding and reverence into the way we design and approach engaging with them.

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Engagement for Tourism and Conferences

We offer historic walking tours of Vancouver’s Chinatown created by and cognizant of the community. These tours can be designed based on the issue or interest in mind, from food, to local business, to history. We offer tours to groups of all kinds, for 8-10 people at a time.

We have previously organized a walking tour for conference participants attending a Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association event, and connected participants with business owners and stakeholders in the community.

Past clients include Vancouver Foundation, City of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Oregon State University, and the Indian Summer Festival.

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