Our Mission, Vision, Values

Hua Foundation is a youth-driven non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to bringing together the worlds of cultural heritage and social change with an socio-environmental lens. Check out some of hua foundation’s activities in the news.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth in the Asian diaspora to fully participate in advancing social change through exploring our racialized identities and building resilience in communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive reality in which young people are empowered to connect, lead, and grow into their best selves through an intersectional, anti-racism approach to social change work.

Our Intersectional Approach

Valuing culture

Acknowledging the legacy of racism and discrimination endured by racialized people, including people from the Asian diaspora, much of our work is guided by the desire to dignify the lived experiences of racialized people by building pride and meaningful connections to our ancestral cultures, our cultural practices, and our cultural communities. The stuff of our heart is hard to quantify, of course, so much of this work lies in shedding light on that which feels intangible, but shapes our everyday lives.

Preserving heritage

We wish to honour and share the history of struggle, resistance, and resilience that lies at the root of our experiences as diasporic Asians and that defines Vancouver’s Chinatown, where hua foundation is headquartered. We do this while focusing our work on empowering youth and fostering intergenerational, intercultural exchange.

Promoting socio-environmental sustainability

We enact social change through a socio-environmental lens, an approach that works from the perspective that advancing environmental justice will build a more equitable, sustainable reality for all.

Tackling systems change

By applying our research and engagement design, we provide policy analysis and recommendations that address the root causes of social, environmental, and cultural issues.

Our Name

Hua refers to three phrases in Mandarin:

‘change’ 變化 [M: bian hua C: been faa],
‘people of ethnic Chinese descent’ 華人 [M: hua ren C: waa yun], and
‘culture’ 文化 [M: wen hua C: man faa].

Culture ●

文化   ( Cantonese: man4 faa3; Mandarin: wén huà )
Meanings: culture/literacy/language/education;

Empowering people through culturally appropriate solutions.


Heritage ●

華人   ( Cantonese: faa1 jan4; Mandarin: huá rén )
Meaning: people of Chinese descent;

Advancing social change through exploring our racialized identities and building resilience in communities.


Sustainability ●

變化   ( Cantonese: bin3 faa3; Mandarin: biàn huà )
Meaning: change;

Designing sustainable products that that strengthen intercultural and socio-environmental spaces.

Our Values



Sustainable planet










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